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Company Overview

We are expertise in BIS Certification, approval for BIS recognized Labs, to set up BIS Recognized Assaying and Hall Marking Centre and trading of Laboratory Equipment and Machineries as per ISS. SRDCS contributes to a large extent in the business expansion of foreign countries by registrations/certifications that are mandatory for a product to enter into the Indian market and also by representing them through a number of ways and means. We have helped several companies right from their inception to design and implement their strategy to grow their business in India

Procedure For Applying BIS Licence

•  Filling of application form in all respects, as per format

•  Finalization of testing equipments/instruments, as per ISI standards

•  Details of test procedures to be adopted

•  Details of the process of manufacture

•  Submission of the application form ,duly filled in along with testing equipments/instruments, detail of the test procedure, process of manufacture, other enclosures and required fee of the department

•  Selection of lab in-charge ( having required qualification & experience) in order to carry out tests ,as per required standard (for PDW, qualification certificate for Chemist and Microbiologist to be provided )

•  Fixing of inspection date to be conducted by technical official of BIS

•  Sealing of test samples of the manufacturing unit to be forwarded for conducting various tests, in accordance with the Indian Standards from outside lab, recognized by BIS

•  In case, the test samples are found to be passing, the client is accordingly informed in writing for processing of BIS Licence.

•  To deposit licence fee for issue of CML No. by BIS

•  BIS Certificate is issued by the department, with one year validit

•  Renewal of certificate after expiry of one year is made after due inspection by BIS and deposition of renewal fee for the period.

Frequently Asked Questions

The AIR shall be an Indian resident. He shall declare his consent to be responsible for compliance to the provisions of the BIS Act, Rule Regulations and Terms & Conditions laid down in BIS Licence, Agreement, Undertaking, etc. by or on behalf of the foreign manufacturer or a senior person of the branch/office shall be nominated as the AIR. In case, there is no such branch / office established in India or till it is established in India, the foreign manufacturer shall nominate an AIR in the prescribed format.

Average time taken for grant of licence is generally six (6) months from the date of receipt of complete application and its recording as far as FMCS is concerned. It may vary for reasons like delay in response to queries raised, if any; organizing inspection(s); transportation of samples and remittance of dues, etc.

For SAARC countries, the payment can be made in Indian Rupee (INR). For other countries, the payment should be made in USD only.

The AIR should be an Indian national & resident of India. However, he can be a foreign national if employed in any office/branch of the manufacturer in India but should be resident of India.

BIS licence is compulsory for the products under mandatory certification.

Our Services

♦  We provide services for the following :-
♦  BIS Product Licensing Scheme
♦  Foreign Manufacturers Certification Scheme (FMCS)
♦  BIS Compulsory Registration Schemes (BCRS)
♦  Hallmarking Scheme
♦  To set up BIS Recognized Assaying and Hall Marking Centre
♦  To work for obtaining BIS Licence for Packaged Drinking Water Plant as per IS 14543 : 2016.
♦  To set up Laboratory under BIS Laboratory Recognition Scheme.
♦  ISO Certification

Note- Work of All ISI related product will be consulted by expert and experienced Ex-BIS Officers